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Questions and Answers

Q: What is your child care philosophy?

A: Our playgroup is Waldorf-inspired and we follow RIE philosophy, based on the teachings of Magda Gerber. The cycles of the week and year are marked by Jewish festivals, influenced by earth-based Judaism. They are not religious in nature, but create a sense of rhythm for the children. We encourage families of all cultural and religious backgrounds to join the program, and celebrate diversity of all aspects: age, familial, gender, cultural. We strive to include LGBTQI affirming values throughout the curriculum. 

Q: What ages do you serve?

A: The space is primarily set up for ages 2 to 4 years of age, exceptions may be made if space is available.

Q: I love it! When can we start?

A: We are currently enrolling new families starting October 7, 2021. 

Q: What are the hours of service?

A: We have two programs, the morning program runs from 9a-1p, and includes lunch, and the full-time program is 9a-3p and includes naptime.

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